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What are the 3 main types of lighting?

There are 3 main types of lighting that should go into your lighting design; ambient, task and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is also called general lighting produces a constant level of lighting in a room. It is created with recessed lights, ceiling lights, and lamps. It is intended to create an even level of Lighting Design for Living Rooms in Utahlighting in a room.
Task lighting is used to add lighting for a targeted area or specific task. For example, in a living room you could add a lamp for reading, under cabinet lighting is used in a kitchen to brighten prep areas and in a home office you might add some desk lighting where paperwork would be done.
Accent lighting is used to enhance or draw attention to a specific item. Artwork hanging on walls is a very common application for accent lighting. You may also want to have accent lighting on a sculpture or plant. In the outdoors accent lighting is used on water features or trees and walkways.
Electricians in Utah can help with Lighting Design for Kitchens

However you want to use lighting in your home you should include all types of lighting to create a beautiful and functional space that you will enjoy.
Our electricians have years of experience helping our customers design lighting in rooms for whatever their needs may be. We would love to help you design your next lighting project.


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